under-rail bedliner


Our range of under-rail bed liners add a layer of protection to the bed of your pickup, protecting the bed itself as well as your load.

Under-Rail Load Bed Liner

MAX Under-Rail Load Bed Liner

Extremely Tough & Durable

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Truckman Bed Liners are made from a high-quality high-density polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer that will last the test of time. The Under-rail bed liners are UV and chemical resistant, with added additives that ensure the bed liner protects the bed of Theon the surface of the pickup bed, reducing the chance of items sliding around during transit. In addition, the shape helps prevents dents and acts as a shock-absorbent in the event of heavy items sliding into the sides of the truck bed.

Tailored, Vehicle-Specific Fit

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Using 3D mapping and analysis of each contour and groove of the truck bed results in a bed liner with a perfect fit. With some options even allowing access to factory tie hooks, ensuring the pickup bed is utilised to its maximum potential.

Bed liners not only fit precisely, but their style actually complements the design of the truck, creating a perfect match.

Non-Drill Installation

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Installation does not require any drilling, making the bed liner perfect for leased vehicles as well as privately owned pickups.

Tailgate Protection

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The tailgate tends to be susceptible to scratches, dents and other wear and tear caused by daily use. The Under-Rail Bed Liner includes a panel to cover the inside of the tailgate and add a great level of protection. 

Compatible with Tonneau Covers and Hardtops

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The under-rail bed liners are specifically designed to be installed under the top of the bed wall, this allows them to seamlessly integrate with tonneau covers and hardtop canopies when needed.