Truckman RS

stylish and accessible

The Truckman RS is a tough, dependable and secure pickup hardtop that has proven itself to be perfect for use on fleets.

RS Hardtop

RS Hardtop (glazed rear)

RS Hardtop (glazed rear) r/lock ladder rack

RS Hardtop – remote locking

RS Hardtop solid rear

RS Hardtop solid rear (ladder rack)

RS Hardtop solid rear r/lock

RS Hardtop – ladder rack

Tough And Adaptable

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The Truckman RS hardtop features solid sides for added security, the RS is Britain’s most popular commercial hard top, a favourite with fleets and other trade uses.

Extra Security with Solid Sides

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The Truckman RS features an aerodynamic design that complements the design cues of the pickup. The solid-sided design and optional tinted rear window enhance security, giving piece-of-mind when storing tools and equipment.

Secure & Dependable

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The Truckman RS is perfect for storing tools and equipment, transforming a working pick-up truck to face diverse and specialised requirements of many business over a range of industries such as construction, agriculture, power distribution, utilities and more.

Clamp Fitting (No Drilling Required)

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The Truckman RS features a heavy-duty clamps and hidden bed seal, meaning that the Truckman Utility hardtop requires no drilling during installation. Causing no permanent modification to the vehicle, and no damage. This key feature allows you to confidently have a hardtop installed to a pickup that is leased or financed without fear of causing damage.

Gel White Finish

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The Truckman RS hardtop is finished in a gel white coating as standard. This finish is hard-wearing against chemicals, UV rays and impacts. Perfect for everyday commercial use.

Stainless Steel Fixings

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The Truckman RS hardtop is built with longevity in mind, featuring stainless steel fixings throughout, including locks, hinges and strikers. 

Integrated Remote Central Locking

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A premium feature of the Truckman RS hardtop is the ability to lock and unlock the rear screen via the pickup’s existing factory key-fob. No need to carry any additional keys or fobs to gain access.

Perfect For Fleets

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This hardtop is designed for the most popular makes/models of pick-up truck in the UK, with available options for Single Cab, Double Cab and Extra Cab models.

Very Customisable

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The Truckman RS is very adaptable, like most of the Truckman commercial hard tops, the RS can be customised to feature light bars, beacons, work lights, vents and much more.