Truckman RS-3

enhanced access

The award-winning Truckman RS-3 hardtop offers all-round access with integrated remote central locking.

RS-3 Hardtop

Stylish, Secure and offering Maximum Access

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The Truckman RS-3 is one of the most accessible remote-locking hardtops in the Truckman range. Featuring a high-cab setup, with lift-up gull-wing and rear doors providing all-round access to the truck bed. Enabling tradespeople and engineers to easily access tools and equipment wherever they are located within the truck bed.

Strong & Dependable

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The Truckman RS-3 is well equipped for construction site and roadway projects thanks to its durable structure. 

Clamp Fitting (No Drilling Required)

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The Truckman RS-3 features a heavy-duty clamps and hidden bed seal, meaning that the Truckman Utility hardtop requires no drilling during installation. Causing no permanent modification to the vehicle, and no damage. This key feature allows you to confidently have a hardtop installed to a pickup that is leased or financed without fear of causing damage.

Gel White Finish

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The Truckman RS-3 hardtop is finished in a gel white coating as standard. This finish is hard-wearing against chemicals, UV rays and impacts. Perfect for everyday commercial use.

Integrated Remote Central Locking

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A premium feature of the Truckman RS-3 hardtop is the ability to lock and unlock the rear screen via the pickup’s existing factory key-fob. No need to carry any additional keys or fobs to gain access.