Truckman L-Series

security with a touch of style

The Truckman L-Series hard top offers flexibility and style, featuring solid-sides for increased security and privacy.

L-Series Hardtop

Solid-Sided Design

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The Truckman L-Series hard top is popular with tradespeople and companies, offering increased security for the contents of the load bed whilst still being a stylish design that is in-keeping with the lines of the pickup truck.

Extra Security with Solid Sides

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The Truckman L-Series features a stylish cab-high design with solid sides to increase privacy and security. Popular with tradespeople, the L-Series is approved by the major pickup truck manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Isuzu, and Volkswagen.

Premium Interior With LED Lighting

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The Truckman L-Series hardtop features a premium finish interior that is durable and easy to clean, making this hardtop the perfect choice for pet owners. Automatic door-operated LED lighting aids visibility inside the hardtop and truck bed.

Integrated Remote Central Locking

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A premium feature of the Truckman L-Series hardtop is the ability to lock and unlock the rear screen via the pickup’s existing factory key-fob. No need to carry any additional keys or fobs to gain access.

Fully Colour-Coded Hardtop

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The Truckman L-Series hardtop is available in factory colour matched paint codes. These paint colour codes are make and model specific and designed to give the hardtop a colour-coded factory finish aesthetic.

Clamp Fitting (No Drilling Required)

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The Truckman L-Series features a heavy-duty clamps and hidden bed seal, meaning that the Truckman L-Series hardtop requires no drilling during installation. Causing no permanent modification to the vehicle, and no damage. This key feature allows you to confidently have a hardtop installed to a pickup that is leased or financed without fear of causing damage.