Truckman Classic

The original

The Truckman Classic hardtop has a high-roof design that drastically increases the capacity of the load bed of a pickup truck.

Classic High-Roof Hardtop

Classic High-Roof Hardtop – remote locking

Classic High-Roof Hardtop – solid rear

Practical, Resilient and Secure

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The Truckman Classic hard top is designed & manufactured in the UK. With the original design dating back to the 1980s, the Truckman Classic offers quality and durability to commercial users in sectors including construction, utilities and agriculture.

Solid-Sided Design Provides High-levels of Security

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The Truckman Classic has a solid sided design that increases security to load bed area, ensuring tools and equipment are safe and protected.

High-Roof Design

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The Truckman Classic features a high-roof design that dramatically extends the capacity of the pickup truck’s load bed area, perfect for carrying bulky items.

Clamp Fitting (No Drilling Required)

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The Truckman Classic features a heavy-duty clamps and hidden bed seal, meaning that the Truckman Classic hardtop requires no drilling during installation. Causing no permanent modification to the vehicle, and no damage. This key feature allows you to confidently have a hardtop installed to a pickup that is leased or financed without fear of causing damage.

Gel White Finish

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The Truckman Classic hardtop is finished in a gel white coating as standard. This finish is hard-wearing against chemicals, UV rays and impacts. Perfect for everyday commercial use.

Fully Colour-Coded (Optional)

The Truckman Classic hardtop is also available painted in factory colour matched paint codes. These paint colour codes are make and model specific and designed to give the hardtop a colour-coded factory finish aesthetic.

Weatherproof Hidden Seal

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The Truckman Classic features a hidden seal that runs along the side rails, helping to achieve a weatherproof seal with the truck bed.

Solid Or Glazed Rear Door

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The Truckman Classic is available with a choice of glazed or solid rear door. The glazed option features a dark tinted glass for extra security. Whereas the solid option offers maximum security.