Maximise the useably of your pickup truck with a dedicated storage solution

draw systems (decked)

From £1500

key features

DECKED Pick-Up Truck Drawer Systems

two secure, full-length slide out drawers

1 metric tonne system load rating

Designed individually to work with each model

Made from 100% Recycled Material

racking systems

From £1100

key features

Lightest system on the market

Increases payload capacity

Made from 100% recyclable materials

Maximise vehicle load area usage

Brushed aluminium finish

sliding bed trays

From £365

key features

500kg load rating

Durable aluminium profiles

70% bed extension

Non-slip load surface

Several locking positions

swing cases

From £150

key features

Tidy secure storage,

Easy access to stored items

Lift-Off Removable

Twist locking system

Compatible with tonneau covers and hardtops

tool boxes (fitted)

From £150

key features

Designed tough everyday use

Keyed safety lock for added security

Integrated rubber straps create a seal

Hard-wearing, corrosion and water resistant

UV protection coating