Tailgate damper kits

refinement & strength

The Truckman tailgate damper and lift-assist kit is one of the most popular Truckman products we sell at Truckman UK, it enables safe and convenient access to your pickups bed without allowing the tailgate to uncontrollably fall down and slam. The tailgate damper kit cuts the effective weight tailgate in half, making lifting and closing the tailgate so much easier.

Nice Smooth Opening

truckman pickup tailgate damper-2

Prevent rapid drop slamming of your pickup’s tailgate when opening with the Truckman two-way tailgate damper kit. The kit helps to open the tailgate with ease, allowing for one handed (or one fingered) operation.
The tailgate damper kit helps to protect the internal components of the tailgate, reducing shocks to hinges and cables. The effective weigh of the tailgate is reduced by over 50%.
The two-way tailgate damper kit works as a shock absorber for the truck’s tailgate, controlling the speed of the tailgates operation, preventing shock and accidental injury to users, children and pets.

Assisted Tailgate Closing

truckman pickup tailgate damper-1

Factory tested for durability, the tailgate damper kit allows for reliable assistance when lifting/closing the tailgate of your pickup. The huge reduction in effective weight of the tailgate prevent to injury by reducing the risks of getting hands/fingers caught between the tailgate and the pickups body. As well as reducing potential strain on back, wrists and shoulders.