Sport guard Bedliner

Sectional Protection

SportGuard is a 5-piece under-rail bed liner that offers full protection of the pick-up bed-floor and sidewalls. The SportGuard liner is an under-rail bed liner, making it compatible with a Truckman hardtop canopy or tonneau cover.

Sportguard 5 Piece – 2023 Ranger/Amarok

Sportguard 5 Piece – other models

Vehicle Specific Design & Fit

truckman sportguard bed liner-3

The Truckman SportGuard five-piece bed liner design produces an accurate and smart fitment that seamlessly conforms to the shape of the truck bed. Access to the factory tie-down hooks is preserved thanks to this bed liner’s precise cut-outs.

Anti-Skid TPE Material provides High Durability

truckman sportguard bed liner-7

The SportGuard bed liner is made from a heavy-duty rubber TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) that includes a non-slid surface developed to limit items on the bed sliding around too much when in transit. Protection of the bed is also a benefit of the SportGuard, the heavy duty material it is constructed helps protect the pickup bed from dents, scratches and impacts.

Tailgate Protection

truckman sportguard bed liner-8

The SportGuard bed liner’s protective design extends to the tailgate, helping to prevent damage caused by items being slid around on the lowered tailgate area.

Compatible With Truckman Hardtops, Tonneau Covers & SwingCase

truckman sportguard bed liner-1

The under-rail design of the SportGuard bed liner ensures it is compatible with Truckman hardtops  and tonneau covers. As an added bonus, the bed liner requires no trimming in order to fit UnderCover SwingCase toolboxes.