Solid tonneau (metal)

stylish lift up option

The Truckman solid metal tonneau cover provides hard-wearing lift-up protection/access to your load bed area. Security for your load and outstanding protection from the elements are its two core features. The chequer-plate top provides a stylish look and doubles as an extra work surface, with the ability to hold up to 100kg.

The Truckman solid metal chequer-plate tonneau covers are available in black or silver finish.

Lightweight Aluminium

truckman tonneau solid cover metal -13

Built from strong, durable, chequered-plate aluminium with an anti-corrosion finish, 

The easy-to-use lift up cover adds style and practicality to your pickup.

Weather Resistant

truckman tonneau solid cover metal -12

Protect your truck bed’s load from adverse weather with integrated water management and seal system, providing ideal protection against rain.

No Drilling Installation

truckman tonneau solid cover metal -2

Specialised clamp-on system secures the solid tonneau cover to the pickup without need for drilling, causing no damage or permanent modifications.

Superb Security

truckman tonneau solid cover metal -4

The solid metal tonneau cover features a heavy-duty anti-theft system and integrated turn lock, providing outstanding security for your pickup load bed area.

Gas Strut Assisted Lifting

truckman tonneau solid cover metal -3

A pair of powerful gas struts make opening and closing the tonneau effortless. Making the load bed easily accessible from all three sides of the pick-up truck, ensuring loading and unloading is quick and easy.


truckman tonneau solid cover metal -10

The solid metal tonneau covers are tried and tested to thrive in some of the most challenging weather conditions, making them perfect for rugged everyday use. The high-grade chequered aluminium has an automotive-grade surface treatment and offers anti-corrosion protection for added as peace of mind.

Handrail System

truckman tonneau solid cover metal -6

An integrated handrail system allows for top-loaded cargo to be secured in place. Whilst the toughened checker-plate surface allows the cover to double as workspace that is capable of handling tools and weights up to 100 kg directly on the lid.