Roller shutter (manual)

Manual rolling tonneau

At Truckman UK we offer a large range of manually operated roller shutter tonneau covers, quality is vital to us, therefor we offer only the market leading brands of tonneau covers , these include Retrax, Mountain Top Roller, EVOm, Roll-top Xtreme and Jack Rabbit.

Our tonneau roller shutters are strong and tough although still lightweight for easy use. The aluminium construction offers for anti-corrosion protection and and automotive-grade surface treatment. The roller shutter is lockable and weather-resistant providing excellent security and protection to the load bed area of a pickup.

Mountain Top Roller

Mountain Top Roller – WildTrak only

Mountain Top Evo-M – Manual Shutter

Mountain Top Evo-E – Electric Shutter

Lightweight Aluminium

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The Tonneau roller shutter covers are constructed using strong, durable and lightweight aluminium. The easy to use retractable roller cover adds style and practicality to the pickup without lifting its versatilely.

Weather Resistant

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An integrated water management and seal system provide the roller shutter tonneau covers with excellent protection against the rain and other nasty weather conditions.

Ensuring the pickup bed and its load is protected against the elements.

Outstanding Security

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The roller top tonneau covers feature a heavy-duty handle with integrated push-button lock mechanism. The tonneau roller tops are lockable and provide superb security for the load bed of pickups. Each roller top tonneau has been designed vehicle-specific meaning they have a factory fit aesthetic and allow for the tailgate of the pickup to be lowered whilst the roll cover is closed.

Pull Strap Action

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The smart pull-strap ensures opening and closing the roller cover is simple and easy. Featuring a  lock-and-release mechanism, the strap allows you to choose between three locking positions. Allowing for flexibility to partially close the shutter to work around awkward load sizes & shapes.

Aerodynamic Style

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A minimalist aerodynamic design allows the tonneau roller cover to offer reduced overall drag, helping to offer improvements in fuel efficiency of your pickup. 

Wind noise is also greatly reduced thanks to the aero, providing a more comfortable driving experience.

Rugged & Robust

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The Tonneau roller shutter covers are built with extreme conditions in mind. Tried and tested to survive in challenging weather conditions, making the perfect for rough and tough, everyday use. The aluminium construction is of an automotive-grade, offering superior protection and confidence.

Multiple Locking Positions

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The Roll top tonneau covers operate via an intermittent locking system, allowing the cover to be part-opened at several intervals along the track. Offering flexibility that allows the area to be part-opened to provide access to the required amount of load bed space

One Hand Operation

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No need to climb into, crawl or walk around the bed of the pickup to operate the roller tonneau cover. The pull strap allows for single handed operation of the shutter, aiding practicality and efficiency.