Roller shutter (electric)

powered rolling tonneau

At Truckman UK we offer a select range of electrically operated roller shutter tonneau covers, quality is vital to us, therefor we offer only the market leading brands of tonneau covers , these include the Mountain Top Roller EVOe (electric) and the Powertrax Pro (electric).

Our powered tonneau roller shutters are strong and tough although still lightweight for easy use. The aluminium construction offers for anti-corrosion protection and and automotive-grade surface treatment. The pickup electric roller shutter is lockable and weather-resistant providing excellent security and protection to the load bed area of a pickup.


Mountain Top EVO-E – Powered Shutter

The Truckman PowertraxPRO XR power tonneau roller cover has an integrated Trax rail system that enables accessories to be added onto the top of the tonneau cover.

The electrically retractable tonneau cover is constructed from industrial strength aluminium and has an attractive matte black finish. This tonneau cover also includes a remote keyfob, allowing the roller shutter to be opened and closed at the touch of a button. An electromagnetic brake setup allows roller shutter to lock into any position along the Trax rail, providing unrivalled flexibility for carrying awkward size/shape loads.

Sealed ball-bearing rollers are mounted onto each end, providing smooth opening movement with anti-clogging. Enabling the PowertraxPRO XR to be operated one-handed when required.

A neat storage container features a special spiral track system, this prevents the system from snagging as it opens and closes.

The Mountain Top EVOe provides the pickup bed with secure storage and protection from the elements. The EVOe utilises advanced technology to provide convenient and safe operation. The electric tonneau roller system is operated via a remote control key fob, with a dual-speed belt drive and a soft-close mechanism that offers users the flexibility to start and stop the roll cover at  any position.

Lightweight Aluminium

truckman tonneau roller electric-1

The Mountain Top electric retractable tonneau cover is constructed with high-grade aluminium slats, guaranteeing a strong and smooth surface. Providing an element of style and appeal to your pickup truck whilst adding outstanding protection from the elements.

Weather Resistant

truckman tonneau roller shutter manual-10

The Mountain Top features a unique 6-point integrated water management system that is capable of draining up to 40 litres of water every minute. Features such as this mean the Mountain Top Roller EVOe give outstanding protection against even in the heaviest of downpours and adverse weather conditions.

Easy Operation

truckman tonneau roller electric-6

The supplied remote key-fob allows for hands-free operation. At the touch of a button, the roller cover can be opened, closed and locked into any position. Should your pickup lose power, the Mountain Top Roller EVOe can be used as a manual roller cover when the belt drive is disengaged, ensuring you’re never caught off guard. 

Superb Security

truckman tonneau roller electric-7

The Mountain Top Roller EVOe tonneau cover features interlocking aluminium slats and no external handle, to provide high levels of security. For added security this tonneau cover is only retractable when the tailgate has been unlocked and opened. The smart hinge design features interlocking aluminium slats that are knife-proof and nearly impossible to force apart, keeping your equipment and load secure when parked. 


truckman tonneau roller electric-5

The Mountain Top EVOe electric tonneau roller cover has been specially engineered and rigorously tried & tested to work in the worlds toughest conditions, this makes it the perfect electric roller tonneau solution for rough and tough, everyday use. It’s high-grade anti-corrosion aluminium construction offers enhanced protection, as well as giving greater confidence. 

Infinity Detail

truckman tonneau roller electric-8

The roller shutter is made with no back edge, creating an intelligent infinity style design that stops standing water from building up on the cover. Instead allowing it to flow over the rear or pass through the rails.

Integrated Bed Light

An automatic LED light activates as the electric roll top is opened, helping to illuminate the truck bed.

ClickTech System

truckman tonneau roller electric-2

The slats of the roller shutter can be removed to enable the load area to be utilised for larger loads. The removal is as simple as possible and only takes a few minutes, utilising the innovative Mountain Top ClickTech system.

Advanced Safety

truckman tonneau roller electric-3

The EVOe features an innovative “anti-pinch system” this automatically stops the cover when it experiences resistance. Avoiding casing injury or damage to the load.