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Introducing our premier commercial canopy, beloved by fleets, tradespeople, and utility workers across Britain. Its robust solid-sided design offers enhanced security for your load bed area, while the standard gel white coat ensures durability against chemicals, UV rays, and impacts. Available in all manufacturer colour codes for seamless integration, its wipe-clean interior and automatic LED light provide convenience and improved visibility. Installation is a breeze with our non-drill clamp-fit system, complete with a comprehensive fitting guide. Crafted in Britain, our canopies boast quality engineering and manufacturing, supported by a comprehensive spare parts program. Customizable options include solid or glass rear doors, and remote central locking, catering to your specific needs. TÜV certified for safety and quality assurance, backed by a generous 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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Boasting solid sides to enhance security, the RS stands out as Britain’s top-selling commercial hard top, perfect for fleet usage and various other commercial needs. Renowned for its durability and adaptability, the RS owes its strength to Truckman’s advanced manufacturing processes. Included as standard is an OEM-colour matched white gel coat finish, resistant to UV rays and scratches, ensuring long-lasting quality.


Enhanced Security Design
The RS boasts an aerodynamic, cab-high build that seamlessly complements the vehicle’s form and lines. Its robust solid-sided construction and shaded rear window provide added security for storing essential cargo, such as tools and equipment.

Reliable Protection
Tailored for tool and equipment storage, the RS elevates the utility of a working pick-up truck to cater to the varied and specialized requirements of businesses across multiple sectors, including construction, agriculture, and power distribution.

Effortless Installation
With the RS’s heavy-duty clamp fit system, installation is a breeze, typically without the need for drilling or permanent alterations to the vehicle’s structure.

Durable Gel White Finish
The RS comes in various vehicle manufacturer colour codes, featuring a resilient gloss finish with an OEM-matched gel white coat as standard. Its tough exterior is resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and impacts, ensuring longevity in everyday commercial use.

Stainless Steel Hardware
Crafted in the UK’s West Midlands, the RS is constructed with stainless steel components, including locks, hinges, and strikers, ensuring durability. Truckman’s warranty and spare parts program provide additional assurance.

Optional Remote Central Locking
For added convenience, the RS offers the option of integrated remote central locking, enabling effortless locking and unlocking using the vehicle’s existing key fob.

British Craftsmanship
Truckman’s renowned commercial canopy range is proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in the West Midlands, showcasing exceptional British craftsmanship.

Customisable Features
Highly adaptable, Truckman’s commercial hardtops can be customized to include various accessories, such as beacons, light bars, work lights, and vents, to suit individual preferences and requirements.

  • Included Package
    The Truckman RS, the UK’s leading commercial hardtop
    Six heavy-duty clamps for swift installation
    Complimentary pot of colour-coded touch-up paint
    Wiring harness with a waterproof automotive connector
    Comprehensive fitting instructions with detailed photos
    3-year warranty for added peace of mind

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Ford Ranger – 2015 – 2022 Double Cab (MK5-7), Toyota Hilux – 2016 Onwards Double Cab (MK8 & MK9), Isuzu D-Max – 2017 – 2020 Double Cab (Mk5), Mitsubishi L200 – 2015 Onwards Series 6 (Mk8 & Mk9 + Fiat Fullback 2016 onwards


Gel White, Agate Black (UM7414), Conquer Grey (7FD), Lucid Red (D4), Colorado Red (A3X), Copper Red (37M), Diffused Silver FK, Moondust Silver (2JN), Ocean Blue (6DV), Panther Black (17V), Race Red (PQ), Sea Grey (33T), Shadow Black (G9ZEWHA), Thunder (8CN), Gel White, Crimson Spark (3T6), Decuma Grey (1G3), Kielder Green (6S3), Nebula Blue (8X2), Pure White (040), Scorched Orange (4R8), Titan Bronze (6X1), White Pearl (070), Ash Beige (541), Cosmic Black (523), Fjord Blue (545), Galena Grey 563, Garnet Red (528), Magma Red (675), Mineral Grey (530), Nautilus Blue (521), Obsidian Grey (554), Pearl White (531), Sapphire Blue 565, Spinel Red 564, Splash White (527), Titanium Silver (529), Tundra Green (533), Vanetian Red (546), Amazon Green (F27), Atlantic Grey (U17), Aztec Red (R59), Cosmos Black (X08), Diamond Black / Jet Black (X37), Diamond White (W85), Electric Blue (D23), Granite Brown (C06), Graphite Grey (U28), Pearl White (W54), Polar White (W32), Sterling Silver (U25), Sunflare Orange (M08), Volcanic Red (P63)


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