Over-Rail Load Bed Liner


Key Attributes & Advantages:

  • Crafted from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) for exceptional toughness and durability
  • Engineered to endure with UV and chemical resistant enhancements, shielding against oil, chemicals, and water
  • Over-rail configuration provides extensive safeguarding by extending over the tailgate’s edge
  • Effortless non-drill installation ensures swift and hassle-free DIY fitting
  • Tailored to specific vehicles, ensuring a snug fit that aligns with the truck bed’s contours
  • Please note: Not suitable for use with hardtop canopies or tonneau covers


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Crafted with robust materials and fortified with advanced chemical and UV-resistant enhancements, the Over-Rail Load Bed Liner ensures unparalleled durability. Engineered to provide a precise fit, it safeguards your pick-up truck bed while maximizing available space.


Exceptionally Resilient and Long-lasting

Crafted from premium-grade high-density polyethylene, a robust thermoplastic polymer renowned for its durability, this liner is your truck bed’s ultimate shield. Manufactured in Australia, it’s fortified with UV and chemical resistant additives to ensure prolonged protection against everyday wear and tear.

Enhanced Grip and Impact Resistance

The innovative deep ridge design offers superior traction for cargo, minimizing the risk of shifting. Additionally, its form acts as a buffer, absorbing impact and minimizing dents caused by heavy loads sliding against the truck bed sides.

Customised Fit for Every Vehicle

Utilising advanced 3D mapping technology, the liner is meticulously tailored to match every contour and groove of your truck’s bed. This precision fit ensures seamless access to factory tie hooks and optimizes your pick-up bed space while complementing the truck’s aesthetic.

Effortless Installation

With a user-friendly installation process, safeguarding your truck bed is a hassle-free DIY task.

Tailgate Protection Included

Included with the Over-Rail Bed Liner is a separate piece to safeguard both the inside and top of your tailgate from scratches and damage.

Compatible with Hard Top Canopies & Tonneau Covers

The under rail design of the BedRug liner enables seamless pairing with hard top canopies or tonneau covers, elevating the appearance and functionality of your pick-up truck.

Designed for Open Bed Usage

As the liner extends up and over the truck bed edges, it’s not suitable for use with hardtop canopies or tonneau covers. Opt for the Under-Rail bed liner for compatibility with these accessories.

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Ford Ranger – 2015 – 2022 Double Cab (MK5-7), Toyota Hilux – 2016 Onwards Double Cab (MK8 & MK9), Isuzu D-Max – 2021 Onwards Double Cab (MK6)


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