Grand Hardtop


Features & Advantages

  • Tailored to the cab height and vehicle model – enhances cargo space capacity
  • Streamlines pickup design for improved aerodynamics, reducing drag and fuel consumption
  • Incorporates integrated remote central locking for enhanced cargo security
  • Colour-coordinated to complement the vehicle’s paint colour for a seamless appearance
  • Equipped with automatic interior LED lighting, facilitating loading/unloading during dark winter nights
  • Tinted windows provide both style and enhanced security, with improved visibility for reversing
  • Includes pop-out side windows for increased load area ventilation
  • Features a sliding bulkhead window, offering additional ventilation for pets and easy cab cleaning access
  • Boasts a luxurious vinyl-lined interior that is both stylish and easy to maintain
  • Comes with a stylish spoiler featuring a high-level LED brake light for enhanced visibility to trailing vehicles
  • Please note: Not compatible with MS-RT models


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The renowned Truckman Grand hard top stands out as the top-selling premium canopy for pick-up trucks in the UK. Boasting a sleek cab-height design and tinted pop-out side windows, the Grand offers an array of features to elevate most pickup models, accompanied by a generous 3-year warranty.


Enhance Your Pickup with Added Storage and Convenient Locking

Unlock the added storage space of your pickup effortlessly with the Truckman Grand’s remote central locking feature, seamlessly integrating with your existing keyfob. Say goodbye to fumbling for extra keys or fobs as the Truckman Grand responds to your command, locking and unlocking alongside all other doors.

Enjoy the spacious interior provided by the canopy’s elevated roofline, perfect for transporting shopping, tools, bicycles, and even pets securely. The tinted tailgate, supported by gas-powered struts, opens effortlessly, offering a wide aperture for easy loading and access to stored items. Its heavy-duty handle features a concealed lock barrel under a protective cover, adding both style and practicality by preventing dirt ingress and maintaining lock integrity.

Convenient, Secure, and Stylish Windows

The Truckman Grand features pop-out windows that improve ventilation and are ideal for transporting pets, while their tinted design keeps your belongings safe and secure. The frameless side windows offer maximum visibility, especially useful for reverse parking your pickup truck.

Safety and Convenience at Every Turn

Safety is paramount with the heated rear window of the Truckman Grand, effortlessly clearing ice or condensation for improved visibility during the winter months. Operated by the vehicle’s existing switch, this feature adds convenience and peace of mind.

Luxurious Interior and Added Features

The vinyl-lined interior of the Truckman Grand adds a touch of luxury to your pickup, with a wipe-clean surface for easy maintenance, whether you’re carrying pets or transporting tools. Additionally, automatic LED lighting enhances visibility inside the canopy.

Included for Your Convenience

Your Truckman Grand purchase includes six heavy-duty clamps for quick installation, a pot of colour-coded paint for any potential damages, a wiring harness with a waterproof automotive connector, comprehensive fitting instructions complete with photos, and a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Additional information


Ford Ranger – 2015 – 2022 Double Cab (MK5-7), Ford Ranger – 2023 Onwards Double Cab (MK8), Nissan Navara NP300 / D40 – 2016 Onwards Double Cab (NP300), Toyota Hilux – 2016 Onwards Double Cab (MK8 & MK9), Isuzu D-Max – 2021 Onwards Double Cab (MK6), Isuzu D-Max – 2017 – 2020 Double Cab (Mk5), Mitsubishi L200 – 2015 Onwards Series 6 (Mk8 & Mk9 + Fiat Fullback 2016 onwards, Mercedes X-Class 2018 Onwards Double Cab


Agate Black (UM7414), Conquer Grey (JMW), Blue Lightning [N6], Colorado Red (A3X), Copper Red (37M), Diffused Silver (FK), Frozen White (7VT), Moondust Silver (2JN), Ocean Blue (6DV), Oyster Silver (2PNCWWA), Panther Black (17V), Performance Blue (3CV), Pride Orange 5FLQ, Race Red (PQ), Saber Orange (JE5), Sea Grey (33T), Shadow Black (G9ZEWHA), Carbonised Grey (PN4JA), Cyber Orange PN4JF, Lucid Red (D4), Alabasta White (QM1), Amazon Green (DW0), Cayman Blue (BW9), Earth Bronze (CAQ), Electric Blue (RAK), Flame Red (Z10), Metallic Black (GN0), Savannah Yellow (EAU), Starburst Silver (KL0), Storm White (QAB), Twilight Grey (K51), PlatinumWhite Pearl (089), Crimson Spark (3T6), Decuma Grey (1G3), Galaxy Black (218), Nebula Blue (8X2), Pure White (040), Scorched Orange (4R8), Silver Blade (1D6), Titan Bronze (6X1), White Pearl (070), Baltic Blue (526), Galena Grey (563), Mercury Silver (568), Obsidian Gray (554), Onyx Black (569), Sapphire Blue (565), Silky White (531), Spinel Red (564), Splash White (527), Valencia Orange (570), Cosmic Black (523), Galena Gray (563), Mineral Grey (530), Magma Red (420), Nautilus Blue (521), Obsidian Grey (554), Sapphire Blue (565), Silky White (531), Spinel Red (564), Splash White (527), Titanium Silver (529), Tundra Green (533), Venetian Red (546), Amazon Green (F27), Atlantic Grey (U17), Aztec Red (R59), Cosmos Black (X08), Diamond Black / Jet Black (X37), Diamond White (W85), Electric Blue (D23), Graphite Grey (U28), Pearl White (W54), Polar White (W32), Sterling Silver (U25), Sunflare Orange (M08), Volcanic Red (P63), Axinite Bronze (1288), Bering White (9389), Cavansite Blue (5890), Chisana White (9139), Danakil Red (3142), Diamond Silver (9988), Granite Green (6580), Kabara Black (9291), Rock Grey (7259)


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