Wind deflectors

practical styling

Our pickup wind deflectors provide a subtle, yet practical upgrade. Helping to reduce wind noise whilst driving, whilst also improving the look of your vehicle. The aerodynamic design of the wind defectors allows drivers to have windows open on their pickup when driving in the rain, without the worry of getting wet. Wind and rain are diverted from the interior, allowing excellent air circulation to the cabin in all weathers.

Designed Vehicle Specific

truckman pickup wind deflectors-3

Tailored for your pickup truck, wind deflectors are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. Following the styling lines and contours of your pickup, our aerodynamic style is designed to fit the look of your vehicle.

Block Wind & Rain

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Wind deflectors help to reduce wind and rain from entering the vehicle through an opened window. Allowing for better ventilation to the inside of your pickup, whatever the weather. Having the windows while driving can help to prevent windows from fogging, aiding visibility. Wind deflectors also help to reduce wind noise whilst driving.