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At Truckman UK we aim to provide a complete range of product for pickup owners, although not needed by most day-to-day users a pickup, a winch is an amazing piece of kit that can be incredibly useful.

Misutonida’s bull bars are designed and developed in Italy, with quality as the key focus. Their tough pickup front bar is made from high-grade 304 stainless steel tubing. This tubing undergoes rigorous ta

Winches are one of the most valuable recovery tools for pickup trucks. Our entry-level Warn VR Evo 10s is designed to handle the toughest road terrains and most adverse conditions The Warn VR Evo 10s is able to pull up to five tonnes thanks to the colossal power of its robust 12v series-wound motor.

With a IP68-rated waterproof construction that ensures the winch is capable of withstanding challenging tasks in extreme weather conditions. The winch features an easy to use, state-of-the-art remote control with wired and wireless options.

Functionality of our winches is an amazing key feature, but they also have a secondary feature of being a stunning styling accessory, adding instant aggression to any pickup truck’s aesthetic.
The Warn’s VR Evo 10s has a stylish satin black powder coated finish.

ests to ensure its has the optimum strength and resilience required. 

The bull bar systems are a premium product, unlike many cheaper alternatives, these Misutonida front bars are resistant to rust, stone-chips, UV rays, rain and snow.

IP68-Rated Waterproof

truckman pickup winch-1

Warn have created a winch that has a casing that is rugged dust-proof and water-proof IP68 rated for complete protection. Keep your winch safe and sealed from the elements and adverse conditions whilst you’re using it.

State Of The Art Remote Control

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A innovative, 2-in-1 remote provides the option of wired or wireless connectivity when operating the winch. Supplying flexibility to a full range of options, whatever the circumstances or terrain throws at you.

High-Performance Albright Contactor

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The high-performance Albright contactor delivers extreme reliability. Located inside the control pack, it can be relocated for low-profile installations.

Centre-Mounted Convertible Control Pack

We can separately mount the control pack and winch, or they can be kept attached, to provide a more integrated look.