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At Truckman UK we provide DECKED pickup draw systems. The DECKED range of draw systems are a premium accessory that allow for maximum utilisation of your pickup trucks bed area.

DECKED Single Drawer Storage System

About the DECKED Pick-Up Truck Drawer Systems
Designed and built in the United States, the DECKED drawer systems are comprised of two secure, full-length slide out truck drawers, these draws run the full length of the truck bed area and provide ergonomic and convenient access to tools, truck toolboxes and equipment whilst still allowing full use of the upper section of the pickup truck’s bed.

The DECKED truck bed storage system creates a raised deck area with strong drawer sides and a galvanised steel sub-frame within the truck bed, this area has the ability to carry weighs of up to a metric tonne (1,000kg).

The DECKED truck bed storage solution has been approved for use by pickup manufacturers such as Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen. The pickup draw systems are available for most makes/models of pickup truck.

Our DECKED truck bed storage solutions has extreme weatherproofing features, allowing the draw systems to be fitted to pickups that do not have tonneau covers or hardtops.
The draw systems are made using robust, 100% recycled, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that includes integrated drainage channels to help filter water away from the truck bed and drawers.

The individual storage drawer units can carry weighs of up to 100kg, opening to waist height to creating ergonomic access to the drawer contents. Making tools, toolboxes or sporting gear easily accessible, without disrupting other items in the bed area.

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The DECKED pickup draw systems are available for the following models of truck:

  • Ford Ranger
  • Double Cab 
  • Super/Extra Cab 
  • Nissan Navara NP300 / D40
  • Double Cab
  • Extra/King Cab
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Double Cab
  • Extra/King Cab
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Double Cab (2021 Onwards)
  • Double Cab (2012 – 2020)
  • Extended Cab (2012 – 2020)
  • Mitsubishi L200
  • Double Cab (Series 6)
  • Double Cab (Series 5)
  • Extra/Club Cab
  • Volkswagen Amarok
  • Double Cab
  • Mercedes X-Class
  • Double Cab
  • Fiat Fullback
  • Double Cab

Pickup Truck Drawer Systems

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The heavy-duty DECKED pickup truck drawer system has 1 metric tonne system load rating and a 100kg payload per drawer, it enhances productivity, organisation and efficiency. The system itself only weighs 90-100kg, DECKED meaning once installed it has a minimal impact on fuel economy.

High Density Polyethylene

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Storage designed for use in harsh environments. The DECKED systems are resistant to extreme temperatures and UV ray damage.

Steel Skeleton

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A galvanised steel subframe is incorporated into the HDPE structure. Providing an unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio of 10:1.

Fits ‘Like A Glove’

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Designed individually to work with each make and model of pickup truck, ensures the draw systems are shaped to fit the bed closely.

Dedicated Storage

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Storage space can be sectioned to created individual areas for storing special items such as straps, chains, gloves, or small tools, fixings, etc.

Large Handles

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Oversized metal handles make for easy and efficient access/operation.

Heavy Duty Draw Wheels

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The draws effortlessly glide out, thanks to hard wearing wheel and tracks.

Made from 100% Recycled Material

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The DECKED truck storage systems are constructed using 100% recycled high-density polyethene.

Two Full-Length Drawers

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The DECKED drawers conveniently slide in and out, providing excellent ergonomic, heavy-duty integrated drawers that run the full length of the bed area.
With capabilities of holding up to 100kg of cargo the draw units offer easy access and can be closed with one push of the drawer front handle.

Customisable Storage

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The DECKED pickup draw system is ideal for both commercial and personal user. It has the flexibility to be paired with a range of heavy-duty DECKED accessories including toolboxes and dividers.

Weather Resistant & Rot-Proof

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DECKED pickup truck draw solutions are built to last a lifetime, manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) , making them resistant to chemicals.

Extra Storage Bins

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The ergonomic integrated drawers conveniently slide in/out, keeping tools and fixings within easy reach