Dash Cams


A much needed accessory for personal and commercial driving of your pickup, a death cam can help to monitor the driving of yourself and other road users, adding a layer of protection to your day-to-day driving by recording accidents, keeping a record that can help to eliminate crash for cash style scams or disputes of blame during road incidents.

At Truckman UK we aim to provide a complete range of pickup accessories to ensure all out customers are ready for using their pickup trucks to their maximum potential, therefor we like to offer additional small accessories such s dash cams.

The compact and dependable Parksafe 1080P full HD dash cam automatically records your motoring journeys in the event that something unexpected happens. Smart automatic functions and superb video quality provides you with clear visual evidence when needed.

Full HD 1080P Video

truckman pickup dashcams-1

Full HD 1080p video capabilities mean the Parksafe PSV126 dashcam captures video in sharp detail, providing clear evidence of the actions of other road users.

120 degrees Wide Angle Lens

truckman pickup dashcams-2

A 120 degree wide angle lens can record up to three lanes of the road, with no distorting or loss of image quality. Providing superior and highly reliable footage of the whole event, even if it didn’t happen directly in front your pickup.


truckman pickup dashcams-3

The dashcam will switch on to record inside & outside when a sudden impact to the vehicle is detected, providing added peace of mind of when your vehicle is parked.

Looped Recording

The dash cam records continuously, the oldest videos are overwritten as soon as the memory card is full. However important video clips captured due to the activation of the G-Sensor will be saved and not be overwritten.

The small and reliable Parksafe 1080p full HD 150 degree wide-angle Dash Cam records your daily driving experiences, just in case the unexpected happens. Featuring smart automatic functions and exceptional video functionality, providing crystal-clear video proof of any questionable incidents.

150 Degree Wide-Angle Lens

A 150 degree wide angle camera eliminates blind-spots and captures the surroundings in clear detail. Making for more reliable footage that records more of the event area.

GPS Function

Built-in GPS automatically tracks your pickup’s location, route, and speed. All time and date stamped, providing convenient access to additional evidence if needed.

Night Vision

A wide dynamic range night vision function allows footage to be captured crystal even in low-light conditions.

Built-In WiFi

Link the dashcam over WiFi to view and save dashcam recordings on your mobile or tablet using a custom made app.