Tow Bars

maximise usabilty

The Truckman UK towbar range is varied, to allow for all pickup towing requirements – adding versatility, convenience and value to your pickup. Once installed to your pickup it can be conveniently used to pull anything from a trailers, to caravans or horse-boxes.

Our pickup tow bars are available in up to 3 options, fixed bar, detachable and electric folding.
Fixed towbars are the most convenient solution, offering instant ability to tow. Detachable towbars allow owners to remove the tow bar when needed to take the pickup back to factory style. For added convenience we offer electric folding towbars, these allow the user to fold the towbar away at the touch of a button.

Ball and pin set

truckman pickup towbars-3

Available in 7 Pin and 13 Pin configurations

truckman pickup towbars-4

Available with adjustable towing height

truckman pickup towbars-2

Available in fixed towbar, detachable and electric folding versions

truckman pickup towbars-1