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Truckman UK supply an eclectic range of pickup toolboxes. Our toolboxes are specially designed to fit into the pickup bed area, providing an integrated lockable storage solution.
Our range of pickup truck toolboxes are made by MaxBox.

The MaxBox Concorde 1 Toolbox offers a lockable solution that helps to protect luggage, tools and equipment in the bed of your pickup truck. Concorde 1 is a multi-purpose storage box that is made from polyethylene. It’s construction makes it resistant to oils, chemicals and most common solvents. The single lid MaxBox Concorde 1 features built-in compartments that can be used to organise small parts, fixings and tools. It is the perfect solution for tradesman who are looking to secure their tools and equipment.

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The Maxbox Concorde 2 pick-up truck toolbox helps to keep your tools, equipment or belongings safe and secure in your pickups bed. This pickup toolbox is smartly designed to maximise the usable space of your pickups bed area, sitting neatly and securely at the very front of the bed. The MaxBox toolbox is compatible with and a great addition to pickups with hardtop canopies.

Non-drill Installation

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The Maxbox Concorde is installed via a heavy-duty bracket system, it is conveniently fitted beneath the rail of the pickups bed. A permanent fix can be added if required via drilling the toolbox’s brackets into your bed liner. The MaxBox toolbox can transforms the usability of your pickup by adding neat and versatile storage.

Robust And Reliable

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Designed for extra heavy duty usage, the Maxbox storage box is perfect for commercial usage. Corrosion and UV resistant, the Maxbox storage box is also resistant to oil, solvents and chemicals. The Maxbox is built to last a lifetime, ideal for storing and protecting your equipment and tools.

Weather Resistant

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With a UV protective coating and a rubber seal system you can be rest assured that you have maximum protection from the rain and other adverse weather, helping to keep tools and equipment dry and shielded from the potentially damaging elements.

Compatible Truckman Hardtops

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The Maxbox storage box universal and compatible with pickup trucks that have hardtop covers installed.