convenient storage

The SwingCase is an innovative and adaptable storage solution that allows easy access your tools and equipment by simply pulling a handle, no need to stretch and reach or climb into your pickup’s bed. Made from lightweight, high-impact resistant material, the SwingCase features key-lockable gasket that is all weather-resistant, ensuring items are safe from whatever the elements throw it.

Fitted Storage Solution

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Our UnderCover SwingCase is a very popular storage solution for you pickup truck, perfect for user who need extra storage capacity that doesn’t have too much impact on bed space. The SwingCase is specially designed to fit along the sidewalks of the pickup bed sidewall, smartly positioned behind the wheel arches minimising impact on useable space in the truck bed. The SwingCase is compatible with tonneau covers, hard tops and pickup bed liners, allowing the SwingCase maximum compatibility to be combined with other accessories, allowing for users to create their own individually organised layout of truck bed.

Useful ‘Swing Out’ Access

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The UnderCover SwingCase features a heavy duty handle, allowing for easy access around 180 degrees of movement. When not required the SwingCase can be swung back into its locked position.

Secure, Lockable and Sealed Storage

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The pickup storage case features a convenient twist-lock that allows for stored tools and equipment to be securely concealed. The SwingCase is compatible with Truckman hardtops and tonneau covers, adding even more security. Another security feature is the option to add a padlock that prevents the case from being swung and lifted out of the truck bed.
The SwingCase features an integrated, weatherproof seal to help eliminate water ingress, keeping your items dry.

Easy to Take On and Off

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Innovatively designed using extra durable ABS plastics, the SwingCase is resistant to very strong impacts, heat, scratches resistance and shocks. These features help to ensure your load is protected. The SwingCase is easily accessible via a 180 degree swing. It can also be easily lifted out from the truck bed to be carried. Making the SwingCase perfect for use by tradesman.