Tackle all conditions

To provide maximum off-road ability Truckman UK offer a select range of pickup snorkel options.
The snorkels provide a raised air intake snorkel is designed for tough off-road conditions, providing maximum and constant cold air intake to the engine.
Relocating the air intake is ideal for off-roading, upgrading your engine’s resistance to choking on dust or water.

The snorkels are designed in Australia, built for use in extremely tough Outback conditions. The snorkel features a stabilised and cross-linked polyethylene body. Pickup Snorkels reduce the likelihood of causing damage to your engine when driving in challenging conditions.

Strong polyethylene construction

truckman pickup snorkel-2

Raised air ducting

truckman pickup snorkel-1

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fixings

Evacuation system disperses rain and moisture in adverse conditions

Made in Australia to tackle Outback driving conditions