Sliding bed tray


Looking for a different solution to make accessing your beds load easier? Check out our sliding bed trays. These can help to transform your truck bed into a heavy-duty sliding platform, the main version we currently offer at Truckman UK is the Mountain Top cargo slide. It is a trusted brand, offering guaranteed quality.

No need to crawl around in the back of the pickup bed, or bend over to reach heavy items, with a pickup sliding bed tray the full bed area can be easily slid into reach via a simple press and pull handle mechanism.
The aluminium profiles allow the bed tray to be slid out at waist height, evenly distributing up to 500kg of weight, making our sliding bed trays perfect for anyone who needs to easily access heavy tools or machinery. The sliding bed tray is also a great optional extra to add to your pickup truck for personal use, making it easier to access sporting gear, shopping bags or whatever you use the bed area for.


truckman pickup sliding bed tray-2

Using the pickup sliding bed tray is designed to be effortless, the ergonomic oversized handle allow for a simple one-handed operation. This will allow the bed tray to slide out smoothly on industrial grade ball bearings, giving super easy access to bed of your pickup truck bed, even with a full load.

Robust Design

truckman pickup sliding bed tray-3

The sliding bed tray system is made using strong, corrosion resistant aluminium profiles, allowing the sliding bed system to stand up to adverse weather conditions. Longevity is also a key factor of its design, ensuring the system offers optimal performance for years and years. The sliding bed tray itself is made from a waterproof composite material, that is easy to clean and maintain.


truckman pickup sliding bed tray-1

The easiest solution or accessing your pickup trucks bed, the Mountain Top Cargo Slide provides a bed extension of up to 70%, offering safe and convenient ability to load and unload your pickup. Up to 500kg of weigh can be evenly distributed across the bed tray, making it the perfect solution for tradesman who need to move heavy tools, material and equipment.

Anti-Slip Surface

An anti-slip finish on the tray bed helps to keep your load protected in transit, preventing items from sliding around and being damaged, whilst also protecting your pickup bed itself from damage.