LED light bars

market-leading lighting accessory

At Truckman UK we supply a large range of LED light bars for pickup trucks. LED bars are available in various different setups and and for most makes and models of pickup truck.

The Most Powerful Vehicle-Mounted LED Light (Europe-Approved)

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The two Vision X 11-inch Xmitter Prime Xtreme PX-18 LED light bars combined output an amazing 19,008 lumens. To put this in to context, a 35W halogen lamp produces approximately 750 lumens. With the Xmitter Prime Xtreme PX-18’s IRIS reflectors and multi-optics, the light bar produces a wide mixed beam lighting pattern. This use of advanced optics provides improved visibility in low visibility conditions.

These features are particularly practical in giving immensely strong light both horizontally and vertically, helping to spot dangers on the road. Thanks to the combination beam pattern, the light emitted from the centre of the light bar is optimised to gain greater frontal reach and visibility without wasting excess light upwards or into the periphery where it is not required.
Compared to cheaply-manufactured LED light bars, our Vision X products are renowned across Europe and the USA for their quality of light.
Tell-tale signs of cheaply-manufactured, low cost alternatives include “loss of light” due to lack of optimisation of lighting angles.

LED light bars now beat halogen and HID lights in popularity on the market-place. They are long-lasting, slim, stylish and super bright . An excellent benefit of the LED light bars is their ability to work at full power immediately one switched on.

Vision X

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Vision X are the market leading pickup truck lighting accessory brand in Europe, USA and Australia. Their lights are tested and used by NASA, Vision X’s LED light bars are trusted by thousands of pickup truck owners for their reliability, robustness, safety and lightning quality.

Combination beam output optimised for both distance & spread

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Vision X light bars are engineered for the highest possible luminous effectiveness. Suitable for installation at low levels of the pickups (under Reg plate), the Xmitter Prime Xtreme PX-36 provides a 10 degree focused beam as well as a secondary 25 degree flood beam. In terms of effective power and performance it is unmatched, the pickup lightbar output almost twice the light compared to Vision X XPR variants.

Unbreakable Glass Internationally Certified

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The Vision X 21-inch Xmitter Prime Xtreme PX-36 LED light bar kit is certified with IP68 and IP69K ratings and housed in a heavy duty aluminium casing that is moisture resistant and able to stand-up against vibrations of up to 15.6 Grms. With integrated heatsinks and cooling channels to help guarantee the lifetime of the LEDs. IP (Ingress Protection) is the international standard and accepted measurement of resistance to dust and liquid.

The Xmitter Prime’s IP68 rating means the light bar can withstand dust and dirt as well as water submersion of depths up to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes.
The IP69K rating certifies that the pickup lightbar is also able to withstand high-water pressure and steam cleaning. The in-built flexible polycarbonate glass is lightweight, resistant to impacts, shatterproof – and provides 100% UV protection.

Dual-row LED provide maximum light output

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Polycarbonate glass ensures the powerful lenses are protected from stone chips and other road debris. This layer of protection for the lens helps maximise their lifespan. Vision X products are certified with the highest military radio interference classification. This means that unlike cheaper light bars the Xmitter LED light bar will not suffer from interference from vehicle radio or other electrical equipment.

Prime Drive Technology

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Low quality, cheaper LED light bars regularly suffer from deterioration caused due to high operating temperatures. Over time this reduces the brightness of the LEDs, also effecting colour temperature and overall effectiveness. Prime Drive technology is unique to Vision X, it actively monitors temperature through ETM (electronic monitoring). If a critical temperature limit is hit, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is activated. PWM causes the LED lights to blink faster than the human eye can see, this keeps the light bar performing whilst helping to reduce the effect of heat on the lifespan of the light bar.

Holder of High-Level Certifications
E-Mark – European Regulatory certification for on highway use
DOT – US Department of Transportation certified for on road use
CE – CE is a mandatory conformity mark for products in the European Economic Area
SAE – SAE standard compliant for transport and automotive regulations
ADR – Products which are in compliance with the Australian Design Rules (ADR)
RoHS – Ensures no use of restricted hazardous materials in products
EMC – EMC and EMI certifies that a product does not interfere with other electrical products