headlight guards

and protectors

Our Chrome headlight guards easily enhance the look of your Pickup. If you are looking to upgrade the style of your pickup truck then headlight guards are an ideal option.

If style is less of a priority, our Headlamp protectors are the ideal solution available to avoid damage to the headlights on your Pickup. The headlamp protectors have been designed to have a discrete look that will blend in with your Pickup perfectly.

Designed and moulded specifically for your Pickup

truckman headlight protectors-4

Offers protection from stones and other debris

truckman headlight protectors-2

Available in a clear finish (headlight protector)

truckman headlight protectors-3

Install without drilling or permanent fix

Made from impact resistant acrylic (headlight protector)

truckman headlight protectors-5

Chrome finish, enhances the look of your pickup (headlight guard)