Cat Locks

catalytic converter protection

With a dramatic increase in the theft of catalytic converters, protection of them is becoming more of a concern. Due to the high ground clearance of pickup trucks it is much easier for thieves to gain access to the catalytic converter of a pickup compared to a car. Therefore adding a cat-lock to your pickup should be worth considering.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel

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Our Catloc systems are excellent value-for-money, providing the best chance of avoiding organised catalytic converter theft. The Catloc systems are manufactured using hard-wearing, corrosion resistant, marine-grade stainless steel. They are designed to stand up to theft attempts, they make it very difficult to access your pickups catalytic convertor components. Acting as a deterrent to thieves by slowing them down.

ISR Security Marked

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Our Catloc systems are supplied with an international security register (ISR) kit, allowing each unit to be etched with a unique code into the metal. A high visibility warning sticker can also be added to the window of your pickup to act as a further deterrent. Each code is recorded on a secure database, supported by a 24/7 verification service. Thieves stealing catalytic parts then run a great risk of being caught.

Straight Forward Installation

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The Catloc attaches to the pickups pre-existing mounting points