Over-rail bedliner

Durable Load Liner

Our range of Over-rail bed liners add a protective layer to the truck bed of your pickup. Providing protection for both bed and your load.

Over-Rail Load Bed Liner

Thick, Tough And Reliable

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The Truckman Over-Rail bed liner is a heavy-duty load liner designed especially to protect the bed of the pick-up truck from damage such as dents, scratches and spills. With a 100% protective UV-resistant layer, the bed liner is an impressive barrier against potential damage caused by concrete or rubble, as well as general wear and tear. 

The unique design features deep grooves that allow for extra grip when carrying cargo and prevent water from pooling. Made of especially-robust polyethylene, the liner is flexible as well as tough making it easy to install, easy to clean – and a great value-for-money upgrade.

Quick, 3-Step, No-Drill Installation

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Featuring an easy-to-follow installation process, you will have your pick-up truck bed upgraded and protected with a heavy-duty and robust layer that adds value and protects your vehicle from wear and tear over time.

Tough Over-The-Rail And Tailgate Protection

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The over rail load bed liner features a unique, protective design that extends up and over the edge of the pick-up truck bed including the tailgate – ideal for preventing damage when sliding cargo in and out. The bed liner provides superior protection against dents and scratches especially across the leading edges – areas especially prone to damage.

For Use Without Truck Bed Covers

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The over rail bed liners protect the pick-up truck bed, covering the bed floor, walls and extending up over the edges. For this reason the Over Rail bed liners are not compatible with Truckman tonneau covers or Truckman hardtops. Opt for an Under Rail bed liner if you have or intend to have a tonneau cover or hardtop.