carpet bedliner

The BedRug pickup bed liner is a global brand, known for offering a heavy-duty reliable solution that benefits from the comfort and feel of carpet.

The BedRug liners are made with precious for each make/model of pickup to ensure a close fit every-time.

BedRug BedLiner – 2023 Ranger/Amarok

BedRug BedLiner – OTHER MODELS

Complete Pickup Bed Protection and Comfort

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Made from a polypropylene material, BedRug fills the entire bed area of the pickup truck, including the tailgate and sidewalls. 

The robust carpet finish will withstand knocks and bangs, protecting the bed from gravel, metal, bricks, etc. The BedRugs’ special design gives full length and full width protection against spillages. Its foam layer construction does not absorb oils, liquids, chemicals or water. With a closed-cell design that keeps BedRug liners free from mould & mildew, protecting your load from condensation and/or damage when in transit.

Water-resistance means the BedRug is easily cleaned down via vacuum, hose and jet-wash.

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Installed with No Drilling

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Upgrade and protect your pickup with a robust, heavy-duty, layer of carpet that adds comfort, value and protection to your vehicle. Vehicle-specific bed liner design hugs to the shape and contours of your pickups load bed, guaranteeing a tight fit that does not block or conceal the factory tie-down points in your pick-up.

Extra Tailgate Protection

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The BedRug bed liner features an integrated hinge, this allows the bed liner to cover over the area between truck bed and tailgate, extending right up to the edge of the tailgate, providing additional protection.

The seamless design also protects the components of the tailgate, preventing debris and small items/parts from getting stuck. The BedRug’s resilient polypropylene material protects the pickup bed against scratches and dents, keeping the bed and tailgate area in factory fresh condition.

The anti-skid, anti-slip surface helps to provide safe and efficient loading/unloading of loads and pets.

Compatible With Truckman Hardtops & Tonneau Covers

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As an under-rail bed liner the BedRug means it is fully compatible with Truckman hardtops and Tonneau covers, allowing you to maximise the usefulness of the pickup truck bed area.