carpet bed mat

The BedRug brand BedMat offers a heavy-duty and reliability carpeted surface that can be added to the bed area of a pickup on top of the plastic bed liner.

Polypropylene Construction

truckman carpet mat-4

Made from a polypropylene material, BedMat fills the entire bed area of the pickup truck, including the tailgate and sidewalls. 

The robust carpet finish will withstand knocks and bangs, protecting the bed from gravel, metal, bricks, etc. 

Special Design

truckman carpet mat-2

The BedMats’ special design gives full length and full width protection against spillages. Its foam layer construction does not absorb oils, liquids, chemicals or water. With a closed-cell design that keeps BedRug liners free from mould & mildew, protecting your load from condensation and/or damage when in transit.

Water-resistance means the BedRug is easily cleaned down via vacuum, hose and jet-wash.